Kurdistan Pipeline Company Pte. Ltd.

Kurdistan Pipeline Company Pte. Ltd. (“KPC”) is a joint venture of RN Middle East Pte. Ltd. and KAR Pipelines Ltd. KPC was established in 2017 to manage and operate the export pipeline in Kurdistan Region of Iraq for a period of 20 years, in accordance with a Concession Agreement signed between KPC and the Kurdistan Regional Government (Iraq).

The only pipeline in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The main objective of KPC as an operator is to ensure availability of the pipeline for transporting crude oil from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Turkey for international export. KPC manages, expands, and upgrades the pipeline system in accordance with international practices. The total pipeline length is approximately 410 km and has capacity of nearly 1 million barrels per day.
KPC manages a strategic asset (the only pipeline in Kurdistan Region of Iraq) which plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of the region. KPC has over 500 employees in its head office in Erbil and at various field locations across Iraq.




Efficiency - KPC aims to achieve the targets, which have been set and undertake new ambitious tasks relying on professionalism, discipline and teamwork and ensure appropriate balance of interests between each employee and the Company.<br />



Personnel - Employees are the main asset of KPC. Quality of personnel, opportunities to reveal employees&rsquo; talents and capabilities, the ability to use them to the benefit of both the Company and the employee &ndash; these constitute an invariable condition for KPC&rsquo;s successes in achieving its stated goals.<br />



Safety - the Company&rsquo;s highest priority is to preserve life and health and ensure the safety of work<br />



Partnership - KPC creates, maintains and highly values its existing relations with business partners, government, public organizations and consumers.<br />